[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column][orane_features title=”OUR |SERVICES|” details=””][orane_single_feature title=”RACE READY ENGINES” icon=”fa-flag-checkered “]Only the fastest motors for our valued clients. We put our effort and experience into giving our drivers the competitive edge.[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”RACE PREP” icon=”fa-cogs”]Having spent many years at the track, all your setup needs is some Punjabi love to find those extra tenths.[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”DRIVER TRAINING” icon=”fa-users”]Ralph and Henry have travelled the world to assist young karters in applying their trade. We are always happy to provide the right knowledge to our clients.[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”ENGINE REBUILDS” icon=”fa-steam”]Quality Engine Rebuilds by Punjabi Race Engines – Certified Rotax Specialists[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”EXTREME CARB CLEANING” icon=”fa-exclamation-triangle”]Let’s pop your carb in our ultra sonic cleaner to ensure an ultra clean carb for ultra performance[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”CARB SETUP” icon=”fa-level-up”]Ralph and Henry have mastered the art of carb setup. Let us ensure ultimate jetting and performance on race day for you.[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”CHASSIS RENTAL” icon=”fa-child”]We have a huge range a mint condition chassis’ for your rental needs.[/orane_single_feature][orane_single_feature title=”ENGINE TRADE INS” icon=”fa-retweet”]Bring us your unwanted motors and exchange them for a state of the art, high performance Punjabi Engine[/orane_single_feature][/orane_features][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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